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Title: 非線形電子回路のカオス的ダブルスクロール・アトラクタのエルゴート性
Other Titles: ヒセンケイ デンシ カイロ ノ カオステキ ダブル スクロール アトラクタ ノ エルゴードセイ
Ergodic Characters of Chaotic Double-Scroll Attractor from Experiments with Nonlinear Electronic Circuits
Authors: 深谷, 義勝
鈴木, 郊宇
岩田, 博之
新美, 吉彦
FUKAYA, Yoshikatsu
IWATA, Hiroyuki
NIIMI, Yoshihiko
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1993
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: Recently, in the wide range of fields, such as medical science, psychology, technology and economical or social systems etc., and especially on the applications of some sciences and engineering, researches and treatments of the chaotic phenomena have rapidly developed and have been advancing very high speedy. Until present time, many such research papers of understanding the intrinsic properties of chaos had been widely reported. We had considered and investigated with respect to the chaos of nonlinear electronic circuits, particularly of double-scroll attractor. This phenomena could be observed with V_C-I_L Lissajou's curves or pictures, and we could provide the phenomena. Furthermore, there exists correlative relationships mutually between each other on the waveformed of the oscillations and we could observe a chaotic dynamical behavior from them. As the consequence obtained from our researches and experiments, we could induce that 1) the range of the oscillations has a kind of probabilistic characters by local stationariness of the oscillation, and that 2) As there exist periodic, randomness in the oscillation, we might be applied a probabilistic process. And therefore ergodic properties would be examined from these facts. Though it was already pronounced that chaotic oscillation have existed quasi-random number series, here we are particularly to practice probabilistic, statistical measurements of the circuits.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/926
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