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Title: 多変数線形再帰型演繹データベースに対する逆数え上げ評価法
Other Titles: タヘンスウ センケイ サイキガタ エンエキ データベース ニ タイスル ギャクカゾエアゲ ヒョウカホウ
Reverses Counting Method for Linear Recursive Query with Many Cyclic Extensional Predicates
Authors: 鈴木, 晋
茨木, 俊秀
岸, 政七
SUZUKI, Susumu
IBARAKI, Toshihide
KISHI, Masahichi
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1991
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: We consider to answer a datalog program that is a generalization of the well known same generation problem in the sense that it is defined over Cartesian product of m extensional predicates r_i. Each r_i is in general assumed to be cyclic. We present a method, which is the reverse counting method with a modification of termination test to deal correctly with cyclic predicates r_i, and analyze its three costs of complexity : space-requirement, database-access-time and test-time. When compared with the magic set method, which is also applicable to the same problem, this reverse counting method is inferior in the sense of worst-case bound of test-time but competitive in worst-case costs of other two. Some simulations are also conducted to examine these costs on randomly generated r_i. According to the simulation results, however, the reverse counting method is superior to the magic set method by orders of magnitude in the costs of space-requirement and database-access-time, and is in the same order in the cost of test-time.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/867
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