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Title: においの強度と濃度の間の相関に関する考察(第11報) : 臭気捕集・貯蔵用容器の臭気強度
Other Titles: ニオイ ノ キョウド ト ノウド ノ アイダ ノ ソウカン ニカンスル コウサツ ダイ11ホウ : シュウキ ホシュウ チョゾウヨウ ヨウキ ノ シュウキ キョウド
An Attempt to Relate the Gross Intensity of a Compound Odor to the Total Concentration of Ingredients (XI) : Intensity of the Odor Released from the Vessel for Sampling and Storing an Odor-holding Air
Authors: 鶴泉, 彰恵
大矢, 公彦
佐野, 惈
OHYA, Kimihiko
SANO, Isamu
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1986
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: Following after our preceding report (IV), published in 1981,we have examined the relation between intensity in 6-point system and concentration in odor unit system, taking into account the influence of the odor liberated from the sampling and storing vessels. Supposing two conditions, (1) vessel being free from any odor and (2) vessel exhibiting perceptible odor, we have derived eq. (3) in text for the former case and eq. (6) in text for the latter one. The validity of these equations were tested, and it was found that eq. (6), which contains a constant, Δ, fits well with the data by several investigators about various sources such as rendering plants, live-stock houses, kraft-paper mills, night-soil processing works, sewage treatment agencies, printing offices, casting foundries and the like; the magnitude of Δ (say, the vessel constant) is in the limits of 0.3∿0.8. In this connection, a remark was passed on the physical meaning of the constant. Lastly, we have calculated the odor concentration from the odor intensity in terms of eq. (6), citing the data that we had acquired through field surveys, with the result that the calculated value is in good accord with the observed.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/723
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