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Title: 平衡・相補形対数増巾回路
Other Titles: ヘイコウ ソウホケイ タイスウ ゾウフク カイロ
Balanced and Mutually complemental type Circuits used for Logarithmic Amplifier
Authors: 朱, 伯銘
深谷, 義勝
ZHU, Bo Ming
FUKAYA, Yoshikatsu
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1984
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: 衆所周知, 迄今為止的対数放大器的輸入信号電圧, 一般都是取正極性的。若能実現具有双極性的輸入信号電圧的対数変換, 則宅的應用范囲将会進一歩得到拡大。在這里, 我門設想了互補型平衡結構的回路, 並研究了当双極性信号電圧輸入回路時, 対数放大器的作用以及宅的輸出情況。進而, 我門還従該対数放大器的回路結構出發, 包括該回路所産生的誤動作, 以及在対数性能上的某些問題, 提出実験結果和研究報告。
Until present time, it is necessary that the input voltage of logarithmic amplifier has to behave only on 'positive' input voltage of signals. If the logarithmic amplifier (abbreviated with Log-circuit, later on) could be realized to behave the bipolarity of signals from only positive input voltage, then we believe that the applied fields could be expanded to more various electronic fields, than before. We have been done the researching of the logarithmic output amplifier of operating at the iuput voltage of both of (positive and negative) polarities, by constructing the circuits with the eguilibrum of state and adopting complementary transistor. In this paper, having considered the experimented results, we will report that a few problems have been involved in the mechanism of the transformation on the logarithmic and error-acting behaviors, produced by the circuit-construction of utilizing the log-circuits.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/670
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