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Title: 名古屋地域の深部地盤構造(II) : 第2回名古屋鍋田爆破および第1回豊橋田原爆破実験
Other Titles: ナゴヤ チイキ ノ シンブ ジバン コウゾウ (2) ダイ2カイ ナゴヤ ナベタ バクハ オヨビ ダイ1カイ トヨハシ タハラ バクハ ジッケン
On the Ground Structure of Nagoya Area. (II) : Observations of Seismic Waves Generated from the 2nd Nagoya-Nabeta and the 1st Toyohashi-Tahara Explosions
Authors: 正木, 和明
谷口, 仁士
飯田, 汲事
MASAKI, Kazuaki
IIDA, Kumiji
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1982
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: The 2nd Nabeta explosion and the 1st Tahara explosion were set on November, 16 (1980), and the resulting seismic waves were observed at 52 points along four spreads from the Nabeta shot point. The results are summarized as follows : 1) The thickness of the dominant surface layer with the velocity of Vp=1.9km/sec is 1.0km at Nabeta shot point, but less in the surroundings of the Nobi plain. 2) The velocity Vp of the intermediate layer is respected to be 3.0km/sec, but not sure. 3) The depth of the base with the velocity of Vp=5.0km/sec is 2.0km at Nabeta shot point, but becomes shallower beneath the Suzuka mountains and the Mt. Sangane-san. 4) The another base with the velocity of Vp=5.8km/sec is respected in the depth of 3.4 m at Nabeta shot point and 2.0 m beneath the mountains.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/607
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