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Title: 大気汚染物質の植物に対する影響(第 8 報) : 環境指標林のクスノキ葉中の Pb
Other Titles: タイキ オセン ブッシツ ノ ショクブツ ニタイスル エイキョウ ( ダイ 8 ホウ ) : カンキュウ シヒョウリン ノ クスノキ ヨウチュウ ノ Pb
Effects of Air Pollution on Some Trees Growing in Urban Environment (VIII) : Content Levels of Pb in Cinnamonum Camphara Sieb. Leaves Growing in Environmental Indicate Forest
Authors: 太田, 洋
高柳, 俊博
太田, 立男
門田, 正也
OHTA, Hiroshi
OHTA, Ritsuo
KADOTA, Masaya
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1981
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: Content levels of Pb in leaves (Cinnamonum Camphora Sieb.) were investigated in the Environmental Indicate Forest of Aichi Prefacture, and the correlation between Pb and source of pollutants, vegetation injury were analysed by using Principal Component Analysis method. (1) Content levels of Pb both in washed and non-washed leaves were high in urban environment, and attached Pb to the leaves was an useful index of air pollution. (2) Content levels of Pb in the leaves at the margin of Atsuta shrin forest located in the urban area was higher than the inside. (3) It seemed to be that attached Pb was the index of traffic data, and content levels of Pb in the leaves was the index of industrial activity by caluculation of correlation coefficiant, consequently the content levels of Pb in the non-washed leaves was able to be estimated as the total pollution. (4) It was able to estimate the content levels of Pb in leaves considering the influence from source of pollution by using Principal Component Analysis method.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/581
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