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Title: 中性子照射されたシリコン n チャンネル接合形電界効果トランジスタの熱処理
Other Titles: チュウセイシ ショウシャ サレタ シリコン n チャンネル セツゴウケイ デンカイ コウカ トランジスタ ノ ネツショリ
Annealing of Neutron-Irradiated Silicon n-Channel Junction Field-Effect Transistors
Authors: 徳田, 豊
宇佐美, 晶
TOKUDA, Yutaka
USAMI, Akira
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1980
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: Annealing behavior of neutron-produced defects in n-type silicon was studied in the temperature range 60-390℃ by measuring the phase angle θ of the small-signal transconductance of n-channel junction field-effect transistors (JEET's). Three deep levels introducted by irradiation annealed gradually and the annealing of these levels extended over a broad temperature range. The formation of two new levels during annealing was observed, and their energy levels and electron capture cross sections were determind. From the comparison of n-and p-type silicon, it was found that defect clusters annealed with the recovery of defects introduced by irradiation and that the formation of defects during annealing occured near 300℃ in both n-and p-type silicon. It was considered that vacancies liberated from defect clusters during annealing played an important role in the formation of defects. Comparing with other published data, it seemed that defects formed during annealing corresponded to the high-order vacancy defects associated with oxygen.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/558
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