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Title: 化学斑点法による煙霧体の粒度測定(第 2 報) : 硝酸アンモニウム煙の粒度
Other Titles: カガク ハンテンホウ ニヨル エンムタイ ノ リュウド ソクテイ ダイ 2 ホウ : ショウサン アンモニウムエン ノ リュウド
Particle Size Determination of Aerosols by Chemical Spot Method (II) : Dustlet Diameter of Ammonium Nitrate Smoke
Authors: 佐野, 惈
太田, 洋
佐野, 愛知
SANO, Isamu
OHTA, Hiroshi
SANO, Aichi
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1980
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: Following closely the methodology described in a previous report on an experiment with ammonium nitrate solution mist, we have now performed an experiment with ammonium nitrate smoke. The smoke was generated by heating ammonium nitrate powder in an electric furnace (180℃) and was kept in a smoke chamber to be subjected to aging (1 and 20min) under agitation by stirring (60 and 90 rpm) The findings are as follows : (1) The diameters (y) of the spors impressed on the nitron-containing gelatine-film are linearly correlated by an equation, y=5.80x, with those (x) of the dustlets of smoke that settes to impress the spots thereon, the size range of smoke being 1.5 and greater. Based on the relation thus found, it was inferred that the shape of the spots be a shallow bowl, flat at the upper face and sphroidal at the lower one. (2) The mass concentration is found to be in the limits 0.2 and 0.4mg/l, it varying both with the rate of stirring and the period of aging, by estimating the dustlet diameter from data of the decrease in concentration during aging, it was shown that the figures calculated are in reasonably good agreement with those measured experimentally.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/554
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