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Title: 地方都市向け観光支援システムCOMATの実現
Other Titles: チホウ トシ ムケ カンコウ シエン システム COMAT ノ ジツゲン
Realization of the local city for sightseeing assistance system COMAT
Authors: 水上, 貴晶
菱田, 隆彰
水野, 忠則
MIZUKAMI, Takamasa
HISHIDA, Takaaki
MIZUNO, Tadanori
Issue Date: 30-Sep-2014
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: "The existing sightseeing application collects the personal word of mouth information for the sightseeing spot and introduces the sightseeing spot and aims at the promotion of an effective sightseeing action for a person of sightseeing. However, collection, the introduction of the word of mouth to a sightseeing spot are limited to the well-known place, and in this situation the sightseeing spot having low recognition continues declining more and more. In addition, in late years the people who visited the farm products direct sale place from the viewpoint of relief security, local production for local consumption more and more because food safety became the problem increased and paid my attention to farm products direct sale place being consisting as one sightseeing spot. Therefore we suggested the application that showed a sightseeing place and the farm products direct sale place for a person of sightseeing effecrively by utilizing farm output and developed implementation of sightseeing application COMAT base on agricultural information COMAT(Citizens cooperation MApping for Toyota). COMAT is to show sightseeing spot information, farm products direct sale place information to a person of sightseeing unlike existing sightseeing application, and sightseeing spot information is provided to the person who visited the farm products direct sale place as for the person who visited a sightseeing spot in farm products direct sale place. I have characteristic that I aim at increase of the field of activities of the person of sightseeing and the recognition of a new sightseeing place by showing a sightseeing spot and farm products direct sale place effectively. I aim at giving you the opportunity when I can guide a person of sightseeing to increase of the field of activities of the person of sightseeing and a sightseeing spot and the farm products direct sale place effectively by COMAT."
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/2850
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