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Title: スポーツ選手の視力と視力矯正に関する実態 : -10年前との比較?
Other Titles: スポーツ センシュノ シリョク ト シリョク キョウセイ ニカンスル ジッタイ : 10ネンマエ ト ノ ヒカク
Research on Actual Condition of Visual Acuity and Correction in Sports Players : - Comparison with ten years ago -
Authors: 石垣, 尚男
真下, 一策
吉井, 泉
飯島, 隆
IIJIMA, Takashi
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2014
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: We currently surveyed the actual conditions of visual acuity and correction in sports players and compared the results with those obtained ten years ago. A questionnaire survey was conducted over the period from October to December 2012. The number of respondents was 2,472 and their average age was 19.7 years. The main results are as follows: 1. 73 % of the respondents were right-eye dominant and 27% were left-eye dominant. 2. 44% had uncorrected visual acuity of 1.0 or better and 29% had less than 0.3 for both right and left eyes. These rates were similar to the results from ten years ago. 3. As for correction method used in daily life, 27% wore eyeglasses, 2% wore hard contact lens(HCL), 30% wore soft contact lens(SCL), 16% wore disposable contact lens and 24% used both eyeglasses and contact lens. Of those who had corrected visual acuity in daily life, 83% also corrected when playing sports. 4. 15% of all the respondents experienced errors due to defective vision. Those who had uncorrected visual acuity of 0.6-0.3 or less were more likely to make errors. 5. When correcting visual acuity for playing sports, approximately 90% used contact lens, with 8% increase in contact lens users and 8% decrease in eyeglass users over the ten years. 6. 46% of the respondents were aware of operation for myopic correction. This rate was similar to that of ten years ago. 7. 36% of the respondents recognized the term 'sports vision', a slight increase from ten years ago.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/2751
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