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Title: 中学生長身バレーボール選手の視力と視力矯正率
Other Titles: チュウガクセイ チョウシン バレーボール センシュ ノ シリョク ト シリョク キョウセイリツ
Visual Acuity of Tall Junior High School Volleyball Players and the Rate of Players with Corrected Visual Acuity
Authors: 石垣, 尚男
高梨, 泰彦
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2013
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: We studied the visual acuity of tall junior high school volleyball players, consisting of 85 males and 93 females, and the number of players with corrected visual acuity. The average heights of the subjects were 182.8 cm for male players and 173.7 cm for female players. The average heights of second-year junior high school students, used as control groups, were 159.6 cm for males and 155.0 cm for females. The differences between the subject groups and the control groups were approx. 23 cm for males and 19 cm for females. The main results are as follows: 1. The rate of male volleyball players with corrected visual acuity was 40.0%, which was significantly higher than the rate (22.3%) for the control group. The rate for female volleyball players was 38.7%, not much different from the rate (33.9%) for the control group. 2. The high rate of corrected vision among male volleyball players may be related to increased incidence of myopia accompanying rapid growth of heights. As for female players, the difference in average height from the control group was not as great as the male players probably because for females increase in myopia accompanying rapid growth of heights occurs during the elementary school period. 3. Approx. 20 % of the players did not have adequate visual acuity for playing volleyball. 4. Most of the players with corrected vision used contact lenses. Half of them used 1-day disposable lenses and the other half used 2-week disposable lenses. 5. Instructors need to correctly assess players’ visual acuity.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/2162
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