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Title: パルスCVI法による低温焼成炭素紙への熱分解炭素コーティングとリチウムイオン電池負極特性
Other Titles: パルス CVI ホウ ニヨル テイオン ショウセイ タンソシ エノ ネツブンカイ タンソ コーティング ト リチウム イオン デンチ フキョク トクセイ 
Pyrocarbon-coating on carbon paper carbonized at low temperature and its anode property for lithium-ion battery
Authors: 大澤, 善美
春日井, 喬尋
岡部, 拓美
中島, 剛
OZAWA, Yoshimi
KASUGAI, Takahiro
OKABE, Takumi
NAKAJIMA, Tsuyoshi
Issue Date: 27-Sep-2012
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: Using pressure-pulsed chemical vapor deposition (PCVD) technique,pyrolytic carbon (pyrocarbon) was coated at 800℃ from C3H8(30%)-N2 gas system on the carbon paper substrate carbonized at 800℃. It was revealed from XRD that the crystallinity of pyrocarbon was higher than that of carbon paper. BET surface area was decreased from 361 m2 g-1 of the original substrate to 2.3 m2 g-1 of the pyrocarbon-coated sample. High irreversible capacity of 550 mA h g-1 was observed in the original carbonized paper,reflecting the disordered structure and high surface area. Irreversible capacity was reduced to 150 mA h g-1 by coating with 8 mass% pyrocarbon, which would be attributed to high crystallinity and low surface area of pyrocarbon. Reversible capacity of the sample coated with 8 mass% pyrocarbon was 597 mA h g-1,which was higher than that of the original carbon paper.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/2096
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