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Title: 誘因系列及び強化基準強度の関数としての新生児の吸引反応リズム
Other Titles: ユウイン ケイレツ オヨビ キョウカ キジュン キョウド ノ カンスウ トシテノ シンセイジ ノ キュウイン ハンノウ リズム
Sucking Rhythm as a Joint Function of Fluid Delivery Order and Response Requirement in Neonates
Authors: 白岩, 義夫
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1995
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: 本実験では新生児の誘因吸引時の心拍と吸引反応リズムに誘因供与系列と強化を得るに必要な反応基準強度の要因がどのような影響を及ぼすのかについて,40名の被験児を対象に,検討された。その結果,誘因供与系列の効果は明確でなかった。また,吸引に伴う運動要因として設けられた強化基準強度はわずかに吸引強度を高める効果にしか見られなかった。しかし,蔗糖液の吸引時には,他の誘因の吸引時とは違い,心拍の加速が認められると共に,吸引反応バースト当たりの反応数が多く,反応休止が少なく,吸引反応速度が遅くなった。この様な結果は,「快原理」によって説明された。
The purpose of the present study was to deter-mine whether the heart rate increase can be attributed to increased sucking amplitude for sweeter fluids of 40 full-term neonates. The sucking amplitudes were control-led by the sucking force requirement for the reinforcement. Ss were divided into 4 groups depending upon 2 reinforcement criteria(High and Low) and 2 fluid-orders (Sucrose-No Fluid-Water-No Fluid and Water-No Fluid-Su-crose-No Fluid). The results were as follows : heart rate was higher for sucrose than for the other fluid conditions, and sucking rates within bursts were slowest for sucrose and fastest for no fluid. There were more criterion-responses and responses per burst, longer sucking bursts, and less time between successive bursts under the sucrose condition . Significant effect of reiforcement-criterion was reflected only on the sucking response amplitude. There was, however, no relationship between heart rates and response amplitude. No significant fluid -order effects were found in the heart rate and all sucking response parameters. A hedonic explanation of the sucking response of neonates to sweetness is reaffirmed.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/1945
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