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Title: 愛知工業大学学生の英語学習背景と英語力自己評価に関する調査
Other Titles: アイチ コウギョウ ダイガク ガクセイ ノ エイゴ ガクシュウ ハイケイ ト エイゴリョク ジコ ヒョウカ ニカンスル チョウサ
A Survey of Aichi Institute of Technology Students' English Backgrounds, Self-evaluated Language Levels and Opinions Toward English Language Learning
Authors: KELLY, Lawrence E.
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1992
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: A survey of Aichi Institute of Technology students on their experiences in learning English was carried out. A questionnaire was given to the 1991-1992 freshman class (1,332 students). This questionnaire asked about high school background, current English study efforts, selfevaluation of language skills, desire to continue learning English, opinions toward English, and self-evaluation of English progress during the school year. The answers were recorded on optical card reader mark sheets and an optical card reader was used for recording the data. This data was then analyzed using SAS software on an IBM computer. It was found that the students had widely different backgrounds in English education. The majority of students responded that they did not study hard or enjoy English in high school. Nearly half reported that they studied by themselves to improve their English. A majority of the students expressed an interest in improving their English and nearly half the students had the desire to take an English class every year while attending university. Most students felt that English was important for their lives.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/1897
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