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Title: サーキット・トレーニング方法における身体的運動負荷について : 有酸素性作業能力の向上を主目的とした相対的時間条件と生理的強度の関係について
Other Titles: サーキット トレーニング ホウホウ ニオケル シンタイテキ ウンドウ フカ ニツイテ ユウサンソセイ サギョウ ノウリョク ノ コウジョウ オ シュモクテキ トシタ ソウタイテキ ジカン ジョウケン ト セイリテキ キョウド ノ カンケイ ニツイテ
A Study on the Physical Exercise and Work Intensities during Circuit-Training : Relationship Between the Retative Time Condition and Physiological Intensities, According to Aerobic Work Capacity
Authors: 小原, 史朗
OHARA, Shiro
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1982
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to consider the circuit-training method of the basic motor-ability for the many physical activities. An object of this study, the 3 male students of 19 years old. They have six training times in a week and the member belonging to the sports club. Eighteen test items which were composed on the exercise were given in the circuit-training. The objective time of trainings was made plans as follows. Condition 1 : The training times and recess times is lengthened 1.5 fold times. Condition 2 : The training times and recess times is lengthened 1.3 fold times. As the procedure of this test, Heart-Rate was recorded in the telemeter when the subject were training under the condition 1 and the condition 2. (Then the physical exercise was examined.) As a result, the number of impulse under the condition 1,108.5±10.1 beats/min. (Min. value)∿170.9±3.4 beats/min. (Max. value) The mean value is 147.3±5.1 beats/min. The number of impulse under the condition 2,111.1±7.8 beats/min. ∿179.4±3.1 beats/min. The mean value is 159.3±5.2 beats/min. Oxgen intake was as follows, under the condition 1,35.1±3.8% VO_2max∿86.6±2.7% VO_2man. The mean value is 66.6±1.5% VO_2max. Under the condition 2,35.5±7.5% VO_2man∿90.3±5.3% VO_2max. The mean value is 74.9±1.3% VO_2max.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/1790
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