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Title: FCR法の実用化研究:肯定,否定両尺度別々の因子分析
Other Titles: FCR ホウ ノ ジツヨウカ ケンキュウ コウテイ ヒテイ リョウ シャクド ベツベツ ノ インシ ブンセキ
A Study of the Practical use of the FCR-method : The Factor Analyses to the Positive Data Set and Negative Data Set Separately
Authors: 小田, 哲久
程, 儒雅
ODA, Tetsuhisa
Cheng, Ru, Ya
Issue Date: 24-Sep-2009
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: The Fuzzy-set Concurrent Rating Method (FCR-method) was developed to measure human attitude or opinion more naturally than traditional rating scale method by T.Oda et.al. Even 17 years past since the time of development, it had not been used by many researchers. The reasons can be as follows. (1) The researchers can't find the special merit to use the method,though the method requires the complicated procedure. (2) The researchers can't find the way to use the additional data by using the method. The users of the FCR-method have been recommended to calculate and use the integrated values and the degree of contradictions for their practical data set. Here, another way of stochastic data analysis for the data sets provided by using the FCR-method is proposed. It means, without calculating the integrated value, applying the Factor Analysis to the positive data sets and the negative data sets separately. In this paper, the result of the experiment conducted by using the L. Pearce's questionnaire for measuring tourist behavior. The subjects are 80 students of Aichi Institute of Technology. As a result of the factor analyses, a little different factor structures were observed,between the Positive and the Negative data sets. The result is showing the possibility of additional merits of the FCR-method.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/1696
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