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Title: アナターゼ型ScTiNbO_6ナノ粒子の水熱合成
Other Titles: アナターゼ ガタ ScTiNbO_6 ナノ リュウシ ノ スイネツ ゴウセイ
Hydrothermal Synthesis of Anatase-type ScTiNb0_6 Nanoparticles
Authors: 平野, 正典
伊藤, 貴晴
HIRANO, Masanori
ITO, Takaharu
Issue Date: 24-Sep-2009
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: A single phase of anatase with composition of ScTiNbO6 was directly synthesized as nano-sized particles from precursor solution mixtures of Sc(NO3)3,TiOSO4,and NbCl5 under weakly basic hydrothermal condition at 180℃ for 5 h in the presence of urea. The lattice parameters of anatase were increased by the replacement of titanium with scandium and niobium,and those values of a0 and c0 of new anatase ScTiNbO6 were 0.3902 and 1.0026 nm, respectively. The crystallite size and specific surface area of as-prepared new anatase ScTiNbO6 were 18 nm and 110 m2g-1, respectively. The optical band gap of anatase-type ScTiNbO6 was 3.59 eV, which was large in comparison with the value 3.22 eV of anatase with pure TiO2 composition synthesized under the same hydrothermal condition. The single phase of anatase-type ScTiNbO6 existed stably up to 750℃ without an appearance of precipitation of any other phase and phase transition. The low photocatalytic activity of anatase-type ScTiNbO6 was improved in some degree by heat treatment at 750℃.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/1693
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