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Title: テレフタル酸ヒドラジド誘導体の重金属不活性化作用と核剤作用に関する構造活性相関の研究
Other Titles: テレフタル サン ヒドラジド ユウドウタイ ノ ジュウキンゾク フカッセイカ サヨウ ト カクザイ サヨウ ニカンスル コウゾウ カッセイ ソウカン ノ ケンキュウ  
Study on the Structure-Activity Relationship for Diacylhydrazines as The Crystal Nucleating Agent and as Metal Deactivator for Polypropylene
Authors: 吉川, 俊夫
Keywords: Crystal Nucleation
Copper Deactivator
Differential Scanning Calorimeter
Aging Life
Diacyl hydrazine
Terephthalic Acid Dihydrazide
Issue Date: 20-Jan-2003
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: N, N^1-di-n-alkanoyl substituted terephthalic acid dihydrazides with from 2 to 19 alkanoyl carbons were added to polypropylene (PP). Their crystal-nucleating activityfor PP was evaluated by the rise in crystallization temperature of PP , and their metal-deactivatng activity was evaluated by the life time of PP when in contact with copper. The crystallization temperature and life time thus obtained were plotted against the number of carbons of the alkanoyl substituents. It was found that both plots exhibit a group of characteristic and periodic peaks. It was also found that the positions of the peaks in both plots are coincident. These results suggest that the hydrazides stabilize PP against copper-catalyzed oxidation not only through deactivating copper, but also through promoting the crystallization of PP.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/1608
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