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Title: カイネチン誘導体の合成的研究(第四報)
Other Titles: カイネチン ユウドウタイ ノ ゴウセイテキ ケンキュウ
Synthesis of Kinetin-Analogues IV
Authors: 奥村, 重雄
倉石, 普
宇多, 昭
中瀬, 博文
鎌田, 廷明
菅村, 忠弘
UDA, Akira
NAKASE, Hirobumi
KAMADA, Nobuaki
SUGAMURA, Tadahiro
Issue Date: 30-Dec-1966
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: In previous paper of this series it was reported that the kinetin-analogues which have an aromatic or heterocyclic ring instead of furane ring have almost the same activity as kinetin on leaf growth. In this paper a study was made to ascertain by what kinds of ring the furane ring might be replaced and the same activity as kinetin be still retained. Another study also was made to investigate the effect of carbon numbers between purine nucleus and attached benzene ring on the leaf-growth promoting activity of phenyl alkylamino-purine. The kinetin-analogues having 0, 1 and 2 carbon atoms have almost the same activity as kinetin. In the case of n=4 or 5 it has almost inactive. The analogues, having naphthalene, biphenyl, phenanthrene or anthracene ring, have lower activity than kinetin.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/155
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