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Title: いもむし型レスキューロボットの進行方向制御
Other Titles: イモムシ ガタ レスキュー ロボット ノ シンコウ ホウコウ セイギョ 
How to control the course of a robot what like a green caterpillar
Authors: 内藤, 惇
加藤, 厚生
KATO, Atsuo
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2009
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: A study to automate an approach to a dangerous place and work contents is performed flourishingly so that a person works. The purpose reducing danger to the person is to be going to let work replace it to a robot to give precision more. I decided to wrestle for the improvement of the control design to let it depended in the disaster spot, and the traveling wave drive type robot that had been studied as a rescue robot in Aichi Institute of Technology intelligence mechanical engineering specialty environment adaptation robot laboratory (an old electronics department bionics laboratory) be worse in debris in this study smoothly. The characteristic of the traveling wave drive type robot does not have the movement mechanism such as a wheel or the crawler and is it occurs, and to move the exercise of the floor side direction by a traveling wave to generate to a human trunk. I get the driving force from friction to act on a contact surface with the floor. I do a length axial direction and exercise to the cross direction with a main purpose in the past study and realize a gradient to around 45 degrees and exercise to go up and down vertically in a one's area of jurisdiction. However, flexure did all body joints all at once and asked it loop posture and asked it the back, a method I extended all at once again, and to come back to the going straight movement when I did a wheel because I did not add enough examination about the direction revolve. As for this method, a turning angle is uncertain, and there may not be the space that can always take the ringed posture a real disaster on the site; of the improvement was urgent.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/1451
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