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Title: 地場産業から先端産業へ : 事業変換をいかにして成功させるか
Other Titles: ジバ サンギョウ カラ センタン サンギョウ エ ジギョウ ヘンカン オ イカニシテ セイコウ サセルカ
CHANGE OF BUSINESS : from local traditional industry to advanced industry
Authors: 井上, 博進
河野, 貞男
INOUE, Hironobu
KONO, Sadao
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1998
Publisher: 愛知工業大学
Abstract: As industrial modernization and technological innovation have advanced, making for remarkable progress even in developing countries, many traditional industries in Japan have collapsed except for those requiring highly artistic design or skills. Although the transition from local traditional industries to advanced industries is not easy, some businesses have successfully made the switch to the most advanced electronics-related industrial fields. Among such small industries introduced here, two were formerly weaving industries and one was a chinaware manufacturer. The most difficult problems to be solved in starting such a new business include the choice of a new industrial field, technological development, marketing, etc. Choosing a new industrial field to enter is important, but meeting new business demands is far more important. In any advanced industrial field, a range of new business needs and demands are always developing. In electronics industries, for example, manufacturers must develop much special equipment and machines required for processing and production of newly designed products. However, since the development of such equipment and machines increases their total manufacturing costs, such industries can reduce those costs by relying on equipment or processing developed and provided by other specialty firms. If a firm has a sound technological infrastructure, it is not necessarily impossible to enter successfully such a specialty business. Technological infrastructure can be obtained through subcontracting. However, entrepreneurs who don't wish to subcontract must educate themselves on what is needed in advanced industries. Another (the easiest) way to succeed in entering a new industrial field is to find a highly capable person working at a large firm who has a new idea or proposal that has not been realized due to opposition by company management. Such a person can launch a new business on his or her own, if financial backing and managerial assistance are available.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11133/1049
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